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Official site of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ, often referred as the USCC. The members were Russian Doukhobor peasants that immigrated from Russia to Canada.
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Important Notice from the USCC Executive Committee

Suspension of Activities

Dear members of our Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ and friends.

After careful consideration your Executive Committee wishes to advise that as of Monday, March 23,2020.

In light of Federal and Provincial Government guidelines to limit public gatherings and out of an abundance of

caution, all regularly scheduled activities at all USCC facilities are being suspended until further notice.


This includes Sunday moleniye, psalm singing, choir practices, Children’s Sunday meetings, all

Union of Youth activities, Children’s Orchard Preschool.

Ladies organizational related activities including Bread and Lapsha Ladies.


Events such as JJ’s slide presentation of his trip, talent nights, post-convention including the orientation

meeting, Men’s Pyrohi Bake, Cultural Interpretive Society and Kootenay Men’s Group activities

are also suspended until further notice.


The health and safety of our members, friends and communities are our top Priority, The executive


Committee will continue to monitor information and provide updates as the situation warrants.


For further information please contact the USCC Admin office in Grand Forks at (250) 442-8252.


2020 USCC Union of Youth Festival LIVE program.

  In an effort to bring us closer during these times of physical distancing, the Union of Youth are excited to
announce a short online USCC Union of Youth Festival LIVE program that will run on Sunday May 17th from
10:00-11:30am Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT). Details for accessing this program will be emailed
to all members on Wednesday evening May 13. We hope to make announcements on the Doukhobors of
Canada Facebook page and will be asking people to share “How to connect” details with family members
and friends abroad.

Since this is being done on short notice with the use of new internet broadcast equipment we ask for
your patience should we encounter any delays or technical issues during the event. We are also planning to
record the session so should you have technical issues during the broadcast we hope to be able to offer a
recorded viewing option shortly after the event.

Although we are all saddened that we will not being able to meet in person for the 2020 Union of Youth

Festival, The Union of Youth are excited to have the opportunity to bring us together in a small but

meaningful way with a much broader audience, from around the world! So please check your email Wednesday

evening to find out how to virtually attend on Sunday May 17 at 10am PDT. We recommend

everyone to connect online according to the instructions provided at least 15 min. before broadcast.


We are looking forward to bringing a small essence of our cherished May Festival over the internet

on Sunday May 17! See you online!

Children's Sunday Meetings