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About Doukhobor Cuisine


Doukhobor cuisine is primarily of Russian origin, although it has been historically affected by various Slavic and other ethnic influences as Doukhobors migrated throughout the southern regions of the Russian Empire. Unlike the cuisine of other cultures, however, traditional Doukhobor cuisine has been uniquely vegetarian since the end of the 19th century. Doukhobors renounced militarism at that time and adopted a pacifist way of life with a deep respect and heightened appreciation for the sanctity and value of both human and animal life. Aside from adopting a diet that did not require the needless killing of animals, Doukhobors have gained the benefit of what has proven to be an even healthier alternative diet, with a greater emphasis on vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.

With the emigration of the Doukhobors to Canada, their cuisine gradually incorporated various western and world dishes, many of which have been creatively “vegetarianized” in an effort to maintain traditional values.  Doukhobors today, however, not unlike many other Canadian ethnic cultures, generally reserve traditional dishes for special occasions and holidays, and their daily diet reflects changing awareness of nutritional balance and content.

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