Acknowledgements - USCC Doukhobors
Official site of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ, often referred as the USCC. The members were Russian Doukhobor peasants that immigrated from Russia to Canada.
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The USCC Web Group is sincerely grateful to the following for their contribution to this website:


Peter and Elsie Rezansoff – Proud Supporters of the USCC Website


Photo or graphical contributions:


Elaine Bevans, Ed Chernoff, Heath Clement, Michael Davidoff, The Doukhobor Discovery Centre, Nathan Gayton, Chris Hammett, Walter Hoodikoff, John Kalmakov, Luba Kalmakov, Matt Kalmakov, Maya Kalmakov, Frances Kanigan, Mike A. Kanigan, Mike W. Kanigan, Walter W. Kanigan,George Koochin, Heather McIntyre, Fay Malins, Marjorie Malloff, Steve J. Malloff, Andy Ozeroff, Bill Popoff, D.E. (Jim) Popoff, Lillian Popoff, Lisa Poznikoff, Peter Repin, Jerry Shaw, Lola Sherstobitoff, Willie Sherstobitoff, Mike Sookochoff, Victor Stevenson, Stephanie Swetlishoff.


Technical, textual and other contributions


Andrei Bondoreff, Garry Chernoff, Andrew J. Conovaloff, Jonathan Kalmakoff, John Kalmakov, Frances Kanigan, Vera Kanigan, Fay Malins, Nell Plotnikoff, Elaine Podovinikoff, D.E. (Jim) Popoff, Eli A.Popoff, Mike W. Popoff, Ed Poznikoff (Pozitive Computers), William M. Rozinkin, Valerie Samsonoff, Nick Sherstobitoff, USCC Ladies – “Hospitality, Cooking the Doukhobor Way”, Anne Verigin, John J. Verigin Jr.,┬áVictoria Doukhobor Choir, Dr. William Wylie (Historical Services Branch, BC Government), Brad Zaytsoff.