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Official site of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ, often referred as the USCC. The members were Russian Doukhobor peasants that immigrated from Russia to Canada.
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USCC Executive Committee-2018 and their Responsibilities

JJ Verigin, Executive Director: 250-442-8252


Linda Henniger, Treasurer: 250-365-1180


Grand Forks

Lindsay Novokshonoff, Chairman

Bill Pepin,                             250-442-2188 – FAS*

Liz Pepin,                             250-442-2188 – SCD*

Vacant                                   YMC


Open List

Ed Dergousoff, Vice-Chair  604-594-1030 – YMC*


USCC Community Representatives – 2018 and their Liaison Responsibilities:

Grand Forks Communities:

Vacant                                   SCD*

Vacant                                   YMC*

Larry Jmaiff:                       250-442-2856 – FAS*

Kootenay South Communities:

Colin Markin:                      250-365-7725 – SCD*

Liana Zwick:                       250-365-8167 – YMC*

Warren Kanigan                 250-365-0540 – FAS*

Kootenay North Communities:

Edna Sapriken:                   250-359-7531 – SCD*

Paul Strelive:                       250-399-4207 – YMC*

Kelly Posnikoff                    250-359-7635  – FAS*

*ERA   –    External Relations and Administration

*FAS    –   Finances and Asset Stewardship

*SCD    –  Spiritual and Cultural Developement

*YMC   –  Youth, Membership, and Communications