USCC Administration Office (Postal)
Box 760, Grand Forks, BC
Canada, V0H 1H0



USCC Administration Office (Street)
6140 Community Centre Road
Grand Forks, B.C.
Office Hours:  8:00 to 4:00pm Mon-Fri
Tel. 250 442-8252    Fax. 250 442-3433

Brilliant Cultural Center
1876 Brilliant Road
Castlegar, B.C.
Office Hours:  Tue-Thur 8:00 to 4:00pm
Tel. 250 365-3513 ext 21 Fax. 250 365-5477


Donations or Payments to the USCC

We depend on donations

The USCC is a registered charitable organization. Its general function and activities depend on voluntary financial contributions or donations from USCC members, private individuals and public organizations and institutions. Supplemented by various internal fund-raising initiatives, these funds are used to support the spiritual, cultural and administrative activities of our organization.


How to Donate or make a Payment

Donations and payments to the USCC can be made in person at the administrative offices in Grand Forks or Brilliant, or they can be mailed by cheque (contact information shown above). USCC Members can also make donations on a monthly payment plan by special arrangement with your financial institution. Please contact our Grand Forks or Brilliant offices for more information.


Online Payment or Donation

If you use online banking, your institution will likely offer a secure service to transfer funds from your account to the USCC’s account. Please use as the email recipient for e-Transfer. You may use the comment section to direct your payment or donation.

Donate to a specific initiative, group or purpose

Your donation is best directed to a specific USCC activity, function or group as listed below. Call the USCC Office in Grand Forks (250 442-8252) for clarification regarding a specific donation and to determine payment pricing if applicable. When making an online payment or donation, use the special comment section to send information about your fund transfer. For your own records, follow it up with an email to the Grand Forks office to confirm your donation.


Suggestions for General Donations

Make a USCC Membership Donation
Donate to the USCC


Suggestions for Targeted Donations

Bequests or Planned Giving
Brilliant Cultural Centre
Children’s Orchard Pre-School
Grand Forks Community Centre
ISKRA Publications or make a Subscription Payment
ISKRA Equipment Fund
John J. and Laura P. Verigin Memorial
Sirotskoye Maintenance
Verigin Memorial Park