Doukhobor Directory - USCC Doukhobors
Official site of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ, often referred as the USCC. The members were Russian Doukhobor peasants that immigrated from Russia to Canada.
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Directory of Canadian Doukhobor Organizations




Calgary Doukhobor Cultural Society

Merviana Cheveldayoff
Phone: 403-288-0058

Jan Tarasoff
Phone: 403-289-4689 

Southern Alberta Doukhobors & United Doukhobors of Alberta

Kevin Seminoff
Phone: 403-295-8645

Margaret Salekin
Phone: 403-948-4030


Council of Doukhobors in Canada – Alberta

Coordinator & National Secretary – Treasurers

Jack & Jan Tarasoff  Coordinator & National secretary-
Phone: 403-289-4689




Canadian Doukhobor Society (CDS)

Alex Wishlow –

Creston Doukhobor Society

Alex Wishlow –



Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society #1999

 Jim Laktin, President –



Gilpin Community

Peter & Katie Slastukin –  
Phone: 250-442-2358

Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society & Doukhobor Discovery Centre

Executive Director/Operations –

Phone: 250-365-5327


Krestova Community


Walter Perepelkin    –


Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent Society

Bonnie Strukoff –



Okanagan Doukhobor Society

Kathy Marinov – 

Phone: 250-762-5456


Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC)

Grand Forks Administration
Phone: 250-442-8252  Fax: 250-442-3433    E-Mail:

Castlegar Office
Phone:250-365-3613 Ext 21  Fax: 250-365-5477    E-Mail:


Council of Doukhobors in Canada – British Columbia

Coordinator  Fred Makortoff –    
Phone: 250-359-7351  cell 250 551 -7351




Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan

Mitch Ozweoff – Langham, SK –


Tanis Negrave – Kamsack, SK

Phone: 306-542-2004


National Doukhobor Heritage Village, Inc.

Walter Ostoforoff   –
Phone:306-542-4441   Fax:306-542-4441


Canadian Doukhobor Society- Saskatchewan Director

Mae Popoff –


Council of Doukhobor in Canada – Saskatchewan

Mich Ozeroff,  – Coodinator –
Phone: 306-283-4726

From the Council of Doukhobors in Canada (CDC) Calendar of Events listing 2008, updated 2019