Heritage Arts and Crafts Centre


Doukhobor Heritage Arts and Crafts Training and Exhibition Centre


The Doukhobor Arts and Crafts Training and Exhibition Centre offers local craftsmen and women a modern well-equipped workspace for practising and teaching traditional Doukhobor arts and crafts. The activities at the Centre focus primarily on the preservation, enhancement and exhibition of Doukhobor fibre-arts and woodcraft.


Located adjacent to the Brilliant Cultural Centre in Castlegar, BC, the facility was constructed in 1999 by the USCC Kootenay Men’s Group and other volunteers and is owned by the USCC organization. Although the original two story building was 40×40 feet in dimension, it has been expanded to accomodate storage, working and exhibition space.


The upper floor is currently the home of the USCC Ladies Cultural Interpretive Society where the ladies and friends meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from September to the end of June.  The lower floor houses the woodworking shop and accomodates the activities of the USCC Kootenay Men’s Group, which has currently 40 members, most of whom are retired woodworking hobbyists.


Visitors are welcome throughout the year.  Various products can be viewed and purchased at the gift shop, as they become available.  Contact 250 365-6877 for current information.