Historic Sites

Russian Caucasus and Crimean

Region 1845-1990

Molochniye Vodi – Melitopol/Ukraine

Caucasus – Georgia

Kars Region – Turkey

British Columbia, Canada

CCUB Era 1908 – 1930

Kootenay-Boundary (overall map)


Champion Creek



Pass Creek


Grand Forks

British Columbian village names and location markers as shown on these Google Maps were originally researched and compiled in 2001 by Mike W. Popoff, of Castlegar, B.C. and Jonathan Kalmakoff, of Regina, Sask., with the assistance of numerous local volunteers.


The results of their work were published, in text and diagram form, in ISKRA as well as the Doukhobor Genealogy Website at that time. With their permission, we subsequently posted this information in Google Map form on our website in 2008, making use of their data sets and placing multiple markers on each map to present a wide “bird’s eye view” of these village settlement patterns.


Please be aware that our BC map marker locations are approximations only and we have not verified their precise cartesian coordinates. Russian village locations are likewise approximations, with content primarily gleaned from detailed Soviet era topographic maps. More complete descriptions of Doukhobor villages and possibly more accurate multi-marker Google maps can now also be found on the pages of the Genealogy Website Doukhobor Gazetteer.