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About the USCC Kootenay Men’s Group


The USCC Kootenay Men’s Group was officially formed in March 1988 by a group of 24 founding members. Its membership has now grown to include 40 participants, primarily retired USCC members.  It operates on the premise that seniors can be useful and contributing members of their community.


“One of our main objectives is to offer support to families with physical or financial needs, or families suffering from tragic loss or grief.  We also develop programs for our youth to encourage greater involvement in our Doukhobor Community. We maintain a close liaison with our USCC Trustees and Executive Committee, raising funds for internal projects and likewise offering support to non-profit societies in our wider local community.”


Without a dedicated workshop of their own, the group initially worked out of Nick Denisoff’s workshop in Glade until 1999, when they constructed the two storey Arts and Crafts building adjacent to the Brilliant Cultural Centre. This building is now shared with the USCC ladies, the upstairs occupied by the Ladies Cultural Interpretive Society and the downstairs by the Kootenay Men’s Group. Although the building stands on USCC land at Brilliant and is owned by the USCC Organization it is also supported by many friends of the Kootenay Men’s Group.


The Kootenay Men’s Group has taken on a diverse program of activities over the last few years, focusing primarily on woodwork and construction. Using locally purchased and donated lumber, the men have made assorted wooden boxes, benches, footstools and other assorted products. In 1990, the Men’s Group began building wooden pine caskets, over 300 of which have now been sold to Doukhobors and non-Doukhobors in the Kootenay and Boundary area. They have also published the popular book, “Vechnaya Pamyat”, a hymn book and guide to traditional Doukhobor funeral procedures.


They have also contributed funds, labour or products of their craft to the Brilliant Cultural Centre, the USCC and ISKRA offices, the renovations to Anna Markova’s residence, the Verigin Memorial Park, USCC Sunday Schools, the Mir Centre at Selkirk College and to an overseas initiative for Doukhobor resettlement in Tula, Russia.  Members of the group have also offered training workshops in traditional Doukhobor woodcraft to local high school students.


“We are always looking for new members and welcome your support.

Please direct inquiries to the Brilliant USCC office –   tel. 365-3613.”


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