John J. Verigin Commemorative Set now available to the public 

The passing of the late USCC Honourary Chairman, John J. Verigin CM, OBC, on October 26, 2008, marked the end of a remarkable 70-year tenure of leadership, unmatched in Doukhobor experience, and rarely equaled in human history. In that period of nearly three quarters of a century Doukhobors faced many complex challenges and transitions and John J. Verigin guided his people through all of that and into the 21st century with great skill, dedication and accomplishment. The historic achievements of this Doukhobor era will forever be stamped by the charismatic personality of this larger-than-life individual.


It would of course take many books and documentary films to adequately portray such a long and illustrious career, much less to convey an in depth understanding of all the nuances of such an awe-inspiring life, with all of its humanity, pathos and glory. While a full evaluation of John J. Verigin’s life and times will no doubt come in due course, it was the unanimous feeling of all those near and dear to him that a USCC commemorative publication should be compiled as soon as possible. A production team was designated and with the assistance of many others, in consultation with the USCC Executive Committee and the Verigin family, a milestone work was produced.


“John J. Verigin – A Memorial Tribute” consists of a 160-page, full colour, hard-covered book, and an accompanying DVD. Using bilingual biographical and other materials presented at his funeral, along with a selection of some 200 photographs and graphic images, the book conveys some of the drama and achievement of John J Verigin’s life. It also gives a remarkable insight into the life of the USCC organization and of the larger Doukhobor community throughout much of the 20th century. The accompanying DVD includes many additional historical and biographical photos, and live recordings of John J. Verigin speaking, as well as singing, along with members of his family. It also includes a comprehensive slide show of the traditional funeral proceedings in Grand Forks and Brilliant, and of the burial at the Verigin Memorial Park.


A large quantity of this commemorative set was sold in a pre-publication offer, and sales have been steady since it came out of production in late 2009. It is expected that copies of this historic publication (initial responses from the public have praised it as a “professional masterpiece”) will not be available for too long into the future, and no future editions are planned.  For anyone whose life he touched, or who appreciates John J. Verigin’s contribution to the wellbeing of our Doukhobor community, this will truly be a treasured keepsake. For all those interested in the Doukhobor story, this will be an irreplaceable reference.


Those wishing to acquire a copy of this set may do so at the USCC offices in Grand Forks or Brilliant. Those wishing to order by mail should forward payment of $65.00 per set to the Grand Forks office and add $12.00 for shipping and handling for each set ordered. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the USCC. Please specify that you wish to order the “John J. Verigin Memorial Set” and clearly designate the address to which the set is to be shipped.
For addresses of USCC offices see the “Contact” section of this website .


Net proceeds from the sale of this commemorative set will be directed to the John J. Verigin Memorial Fund, which was established to ensure the sustainability of the USCC and the services it offers, and the values and principles that
John J. Verigin espoused throughout his lifetime.


John J Verigin – A Memorial Tribute
© 2009-2010 – Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ
ISBN 978-0-919250-40-6